Tuesday, February 20, 2007

bean a while

lost £500 on new crypto account since January.

lost £750 on old crypto account since January.

mostly cash. switched to STT's and was tearing them up till today. 4 2nd's in a row yesterday then 5 without a cash today. included 4 3rd's and some ridiculous beats.

but it's ok cos i beat off 2 people good in cash. once i turn raise with flush draw and gutshot. he wont fold top pair and pays me off when flush comes. i didnt have too much left behind at that point. maybe 1/4 of the pot.

next, i reraise a joker lag with AJ. cont bet 1/2 pot which is 2/3rds of his stack on a missed flop. he pushes with 44? and i hit a jack on the turn.

made back some stt losses at cash.

is that what they call a roundabout.

im no longer a bum so i wont be able to play everyday. this is good as i should focus when i do play. but not much time for the mtt's.

havent won a nice one this 2007, havent played many. havent come close to be fair. haven't played many.

might go for some bloglinkage in the coming future, because talking to oneself is boring. i already know what i'm gonna say.

might head back to my local (donkey infested - literally. they're just like little ass's) for some live play as my patience may have returned.

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