Sunday, June 25, 2006


2 and a half hours of play and nothing of interest occured.

Won $70 which was nice.

Played a mtt satellite to the $1,000,000 party tourney which happens tonite. Might try one of these a week. 60 players, top 2 get a seat.

Managedto get to final table. Decent start nicking a few pots, was above average then became completely card dead with no oppurtunities for nothing. Stole a pot then some blinds as they increased. Got to final table.

Finally got a hand, JJ in pos. Guy about 3rd in chips (24000) limps for 800, im playing about 4500.
round to me. i push, small blind playing 8000 calls (!), as does 1st villian.

flop 10910. sb thinks and pushes his remaining 4K, limper folds.

guess the hand he called half his stack pre and pushed post flop?

turn 2 river 8....if you havent guessed by now i pity you.

and im out in 10th

(he had QJo. monsta!)

poor standard, reckon i can win one, then just need to beat 5000 odd (as in wierd) players for a nice payday. Maybe ill try to get some sponsorship so i can enter the tourney a couple of times. see how i do.....

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