Friday, June 30, 2006

15 minutes of fun

could only play 15mins before going out and had good day, winning back losses.

caught a guy twice for all his chips. i had position on him, and he was rubbish.

i have A4 and raise in the CO, he rerasies to 7*bb, I call.
flop 432. He checks, I bet, he raises, I go all in he calls. With KJ. no help for him and ive taken most his chips. few hands later, I have A3s and limp. sb min raises (never understood that bet from the small blind). 3 players, flop is 323. sb betes 1bb, madman calls, I call. turn is a K, bringing 2 diamonds. sb bets 1bb, madman raises to 4, i reraise to 7, sb folds, madman rrr to 20 I push he calls with K7, 2 diamonds. not rivered and thats all his chips.

been playing a lot more patient of late, not trying to win all my losses back in one go and it's slowly paying off. long may this state
of mind continue............

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