Friday, March 18, 2016

kyril bonfiglioli

i haven't even checked that the spelling is correct. I am almost sure it is.

As you can probably tell by his name Kyril (Russian, obv) Bonfiglioli (Italian, obv) was English (obvs). I have only read one of his books. I finished it in less time than it took for the Earth to spin once on it's axis. And that includes time i had to spend doing all the work I was choosing to do. The book, "don't point that thing at me" was a marvellous blend between The Hitchhikers Guide and James Bond. So good, I bought the trilogy. I can't believe no one told me about him, and no one I've spoken to has heard of him.

Another reason for happiness is leaving a stupid job and starting a much better paid, new, and hopefully less stupid, short term job. closer to home and more money = hashtag success.

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