Sunday, November 29, 2015

7 weeks to go

i might actually make it to the end of this contract.

this past week was helped by 2 things. bmw driving boss being away, and chatting to the italian man next to me, though I believe they are not mutually exclusive. it turns out he is hilarious. the italian language is much more passionate than english, and in his direct translations to his comments sound brilliant.
talking about the database that we sift through, retrieving results, rather than making an analysis, he calls the error laden disorganised database a 'sea of shit'

on thursday he had his head in one of his hands, staring miserably at his computer. when i asked if he was ok, he replied 'absolutely'
later that day we took the same train after escaping from the office. packed like cattle he said 'this is offensive to human dignity'. and when trying to leave the train at his stop his parting words are 'if i can get through this wall of people i will see you tomorrow'

i shall do my best to draw more words, and remember them, from him each day.

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Harvey Ruggeri said...

Don't forget to came back please!

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