Monday, March 30, 2015

the worst theives

having been attacked by the worst muggers, i have now been burgled by the worst burglers.

they destroyed my front door, stole my car keys, ransacked the place and took nothing other than a few pounds in change. nothing else at all. things i have worth more than £500 in my flat are

that is all.
the most expensive things are probably my bike and my laptop. after that, i don't think there's anything worth over £100. the most expensive thing i own is my car. they took the keys. not the car, just the keys. the police reckon they got disturbed, but having been through every cupboard in the place, including pots and pans, it seems like they had time to look through everything. i think they were just interested in cash monies. it's a bit like being mugged from a distance.

the annoying thing is having to replace a door (landlord pays for it) and car key set (hopefully contents insurance cos that is blady expensive). i think i'm very lucky. of course, my one time therapiss told me off for thinking i'm lucky. and that's why i fired her.

this week i have signed up to 10 weeks of self defence. i hope i can achieve something useful in 10 weeks.


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