Monday, February 02, 2015

poker memories

having been very depressed of late, i have tried to stop being so very depressed. i harked back to the less bad old days and reminisced on my former life poker highlights. in chronological order they are:

1. play money. played on the same table as a friend. Some racist starts spouting in the message box and my friend says: "you have the mental age of an abortion"
2. My 1st tourney win. It was the $10+1, $4k Gtd on crypto, when only 300 players would play. 1st was 1k+, finished 2am, and i was jumping around my house quietly so as not to wake my sleeping housemates. Took a while to go to sleep with the adrenalin pumping.
3. A charity tourney where first prize was a trip to vegas (I won it)
4. Winning my biggest pot. It was a 3 way pot for a total of about $3.5k and I outdrew everyone like a pro.
5. My worst ever weekend where I dropped around $10k. double oops

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