Monday, January 19, 2015

A question for you. (Yes, you, reading this right now)

I need much help. It turns out that I don't really like living on this planet. I find that almost everyone I have ever met lacks kindness. Maybe I am naive as I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to be kind. When you're dead and only have a legacy left behind, and haven't been able to take anything with you, wouldn't it be good, at your final breath, to know that you made a real differences to the lives of others?
I know it's difficult to be good all the time and that everyone has bad days. It seems to me, with this optimistic point of view, that most people are always having bad days.

I was thinking about all the people I have ever known, beyond mere acquaintance when it is not possible to yet tell, about the trait of kindness. I think there are but two person I know who is focused on being thoughtful and kind. Maybe I have been unlucky with people I have met, or perhaps I did not focus on surrounding myself with such people.

I would like to ask you to look into your lives and let me know if you share lives with people who have good hearts. It would be reassuring to know that such people exist and aren't as rare as I seem to have experienced.

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