Monday, July 15, 2013


a restaurant in town

it's hard to tell but the bottom of this 'get copies of your payslips' sign it says
a surefire sign of meaning

a pic from the hampstead heath at night. an unusual location that makes london look like it's in a bowl (it is in a bowl)

my teeth. after eating pancakes. covered in chocolate syrup. so much chocolate in fact, that i couldn't see the pancake i was eating.

i finally took this picture in the gym. the machine in question is a treadmill. you know, one of them machines that you run on. so the ground moves, but the machines stays in the same place and you run on the 'moving' ground. a real special sign is this one.


grrouchie serge said...

Keep away from moving parts is pretty much the nice way of saying "Stay the F off this machine"

Mudwig said...

yeah, although all the treadmills say that!
it's like packets of nuts which say 'may contain nuts'
of course, the most worrying thing about that is that they aren't even sure if it contains nuts.

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