Monday, January 14, 2013


i'm giving up on the cinema. not because it's exorbitantly expensive. nor because i'm so old that i don't like modern day films. but because i'm so old that i don't like modern day human beings and no longer care about hiding this fact.

There's not much worse than a collection of people. for example, i heard a great definition:
democracy (n), where any two idiots can outvote a genius.

that's a bit of a tangent though. i dislike the cinema because the odious cretins that we are forced to share a confined space with seem oblivious to other human beings. they have no qualms about talking, playing with their superbright phones and worst of all, eating like an animal which has been starving all winter, and finally gets that first food of spring, devouring it in double quick time afraid that a lion will chase them away.


Yakshi said...

lol I love the democracy quote. Even more, your description of the cinema is how I feel whenever I go, unless I'm lucky enough to catch a showing on a Tuesday morning, when no one else is there. Then I feel like a king.

Mudwig said...

yeah, i love pretending i've bought every seat in the cinema - living the dream!

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