Friday, December 28, 2012

an absence of stars

stars sent me an email to say because i haven't played there this year they'll steal my fppees. i'm pretty sure i played there in Jan and Feb. i think i need to earn one vpp to keep my fpppees. i wonder if spending some fppees on a tournament will suffice?

party also sent me an email to say they're going to steal the $5 bonus they put in my account because i haven't played there for 180 days. seems a bit mean to offer it to me, tell me i can't cash out less than $30 or so, and then steal it back if i don't play. maybe mean is the wrong word, it's more like they're trying to prey on weak minded people and get them sucked back into the claws of gamblor.

i'll probably try and play a wee bit on both in the next few days.

in other news, no jim for a while meant no weighing. to my surprise and delight i had put on a couple of kilos since my last weighting so up to 77kg now. 3 to go till target acquired. it should be noted that said target should be reached in muscle as opposed to fat! and i think my waist is increasing again. i need to channel my thoughts into making my other muscles get bigger instead!


Justin said...

send them an email. they're actually realllllly flexible and cool if you engage directly.

a long time ago when i was working toward supernova, i lagged one month and lost platinum. they told me that if i made platinum that month, they would award me the extra FPPs as if i had never lost it.

Mudwig said...

yeah, i did an email!
they said it was sent to me by mistake since i had earnt some vppees over the past year...

sounds like they were pretty cool with you!

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