Tuesday, July 24, 2012

keeping up appearances

i remember learning to play chess
i had a tutor for a few weeks to learn some basics and some strategies. and then read a couple of books. i never learnt any openings or anything remotely advanced. when i was about 7 (?) i went to a club to play against others. i think everyone was beginners. or at least that's how i remember what it was supposed to be.

for my first game i sat down opposite a girl, younger than me and in a wheelchair. i kinda felt a bit sorry for her, and also confused as to whether she knew how to play chess.

4 moves later and i'd learnt a few things:
1) there's an opening called foolsmate where you win in 4 moves
2) when you lose to it you feel like a fool
3) to never, ever, judge someone by their appearance.
4) i was awful at chess

[edit: as you'll see from the comments, it's actually called a scholars mate, so rather than losing as a fool, i lost to a scholar. many thanks to mark for clearing that up]


Huddersfield Mark said...

It's called scholar's mate :). You probably made a time efficient decision- I spent years playing without getting really good.


Mudwig said...

even though i managed to get that wrong, it makes me sound less bad, so thanks!

Huddersfield Mark said...

Lol no problem :)

Want to swap links? My blog isn't exactly poker but I do play.

Mudwig said...

yes, been meaning to link up yours for a few days!

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