Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i won!

just once, but i'd literally forgotten what it looked/felt/sounded like. i'm not sure anyone thinks about what it sounds like. to me, it sounded like this.

in other news, i've eaten far too much chocolate today. i also had a dream about a girl i once knew. this girl opened my mind and blew it away and helped make me what i am today. till it went pear shaped. i'm not sure what made me think about her.
i did then think about telling her about the effect she has had on me. it wouldn't achieve much though. maybe make me feel better for how things ended but that's not a good enough reason to do it.

i had just started typing "anyway, enough of this emo sh.." when i realised that emotions aren't the problem. they're the messengers. use them to learn about your problems and solve the problems instead of just shooting the messenger. thanks to jared for that awareness in my mind.

i like the anonymity here. almost as much as the piece of music embedded above. which i discovered here:


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Mudwig said...

as is clear from the post to which you replied, my partnerships are not that way inclined.
unless you meant business, in which case, i trust it will include many brazilian women. (that's a joke! finnish women, please)

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