Monday, July 11, 2011

i just commited a criminal offence

i called the council just now about paying their tax, though it was for a house where my name isn't on the account. (possibly because i don't live there). why would i do such a thing? whilst my ladyfriend is at work i thought i would give them the date she's moving out along with a request for a final bill to pay the remaining months - they did just send a final notice for payment of a huge amount which kind of indicates that they didn't get the payment from 1 month ago so i wanted to request a statement too.

the twat on the other end of the phone though just kept saying he couldn't discuss the account with me since i wasn't the account holder. i said i want to pay you!!
his response was "you are actually committing a criminal offence"
incredulous, i asked "wanting to pay you is an offence?"
i did my best not to say, no wonder so many people get away with not paying you.
he claimed that wasn't what he said, and he can't give any information out either. i asked him to listen to the recording of the call where i said i wanted to give you information so i could pay. so i asked to speak to his manager's manager. he didn't take kindly to this. so naturally, i asked again. he decided to hang up! lol.
not before i asked for his name. he wouldn't give his surname but instead asked for mine. i think he may have been an inner city schoolboy on work experience.

so i called back and spoke to someone else who gladly took the tenancy end date, agreed to send a final statement and i wouldn't be surprised if she also put the reminder notice on hold.

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