Tuesday, March 01, 2011

another gender equality oddity


this story says insurance companies cannot base their pricing on gender. they essentially have to ignore that in their statistics and do equal pricing. so obviously this won't mean they lose money, but will slyly gain some instead.
some men will gain, some women will lose, overall common sense will lose massively. i don't understand why, if this is the case, it is still ok to discriminate pricing on age, marital status etc

it appears that once again people equate equality with being the same. much as people have a hard time differentiating between envy and hatred. often people feel envy and it all channels to hatred. doesn't make sense to me. if you see someone doing something well, something you wish you could do, it should channel you to better yourself to become like them in the aspects you envy/admire. eg how so many people can hate celebrities without ever knowing/meeting them is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Can they still discrimnate on age? Insurance companies are a bunch of robbing bastards as well.

Mudwig said...

they do don't they? young people pay more for car insurance. saga only insure over 50s at cheaper rates. sticking an older person as a second driver lowers rates etc etc
they definitely do make an unreasonably large amount of profits especially when you're legally forced to get insurance (in an unregulated market!) for things like cars.

Anonymous said...

What makes it ok to discriminate on age but not gender? weird that one is deemed acceptable but the other not.

Quoting from the Simpsons, 'Ironically the old drivers are being kept alive by the organs of the young people they killed'

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