Thursday, April 01, 2010

end of month!

this month has gone pretty pretty fast and i only played about 11k hands

halfway through the month got someone to look at how badly i was playing this year.
whilst i kinda knew the two major flaws in my game (had already mentioned them here a few times) having someone else tell me to stop being retarded helped immeasurably.

here is graph. left of red line is pre 'coaching'. to the right is post. one bad spell where i played in a terrible state of mind. sometimes i just sit down thinking, "i've been doing so well recently i'm surely due a time to lose." and then obviously i lose when i think like that.
so since then i've employed the -$800 target which i am yet to hit.

anyways, here's the graph.

today is april first. i slept till after noon so missed if anything interestingly fake happened. a few years back i left a message just after midnight, for a girl in a quiet whispery voice, saying something along the lines of "they're here...they've finally come to get me. get help...." before hanging up, turning off my phone and going to sleep.

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