Wednesday, October 21, 2009


there are are few types of people that haven't yet been classified by mankind.
i may or may not have mentioned sidewalkers before. these people cannot walk in a straight line. they very slowly bend their walk into where you are walking, forcing you further and further to the side, and into any objects such as lamp posts and walls. they do not realise they are doing this and if you come across them should make them aware of their illness.

the second type yet to be classified are ruiners. these people will tell you the details and when possible, inform you explicitly of the funniest moments in movies/tv shows you are about to watch, knowing full well you are about to watch them.

just before i went to see bruno, one of these ruiners started telling me about the funniest parts. W. T. F. why would you do that? it's like going to a restaurant and eating someone else's dessert. worse still, i'd literally just met them (friend of a friend) so i was unable to say "stop. please do not ruin the film i am about to watch. i'm amazed your ego is so big that you think that your retelling of a scene from a movie will be better than when i watch the scene."

last week i was struck by another ruiner. before i'd even noticed he'd outlined the whole of an episode of heroes i was about to watch.

i do not understand these people. basic etiquette states that you ask for permission before ruining jokes/endings to films etc in case someone hasn't watched it. let along ruining endings for films you know they are about to watch.

i seem to be running pretty bad with everything of late. today, i let numerous people out in front of me whilst driving (well, two), and pulled to the side of the road in a narrow street to let people pass (three) and out of those five situations i did not even receive one thank you wave/flash of the headlights.

a few months ago i received a nod instead of a thank you wave from an oncoming vehicle. bizarre as it was, i think it might catch on. i will be nodding instead of thank you waving where possible, i suggest you do the same. it will catch on.


Sally-Sal said...

Ruiners...ha! You are so spot on.

Mr Origami said...

Yep, ruiners are everywhere!!! I nod sometimes too..nodding IS the future!

Anonymous said...

I've always just called them cunts.

Bossanova21 said...

ive done the nod before

it doesnt work so well at night though :S

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