Thursday, July 16, 2009

bad play bad cards bad airplane

well, it was a 4 hour journey (see previous post) and i think if it was a guy, saying no would have been easy. instead i just looked at this girl, shot her some evils, and said fine have my seat whilst i take yours in the middle of you and this fat man.
shot her a few more evils during the flight but i don't think she noticed since at the end of the flight she asked me how to turn of flight mode on her iPhone.

i made a horrific play last night and cried myself to sleep afterwards. very last hand of the day, recovered after being $1k down, uncheck autopost blinds on every table, very last table, very last hand get dealt AA utg. couldn't bring myself fold pre. so i raise. 3 callers. great.
flop comes TKT
checked round
turn is another T
nit in small blind bets out, only i call
river is 5 or something. so board is TTTK5.
he bets. i think and raise (LOLBAD). he shoves. i cry and call. obviously he has Tx and not Kx
all other tables were 1/2. that was limit above that.
many thanks to the dealer and my semi-retarded brain.

my wireless keyboard is now going mental so rather than replace the battery i'm just gonna go to sleep (explains any weird spelling in this post). definitely the easier of the two available options.

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Bossanova21 said...

I'd have let her sit there too, I'm such a sucker for women asking me to do stuff

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