Sunday, June 08, 2008


i'm always looking for ways to improve but am a bit stuck.

taken a week off, and will take another soon (both involuntary)

my game has improved upon my return back to when i was half decent.

not sure where to go now other than trying to win consistently for the next 6 weeks.

but when thats done and i move up levels with a modicum of brm, then wat?

awful may, but better than both of the last two years losing around $2k, and my all in ev luck being around -$2k so i played level after rake which is pretty bad imo.

the next 2 months i will be away for another week, after which i aim to have 5 fig roll back on stars, and also going for a littlewoods deal which includes a £100 sign up bonus, and iPod touch along with rakeback all for only 2k mpps which i hope to make in 2-3 weeks. also want to keep up platinum status on stars to hit supernova soonish.

yesterday went up $600 then down $500 then finished level. made 5/6 mistakes which i know about and weren't hugely -ev but -ev imo nonetheless.

been working on cutting them out and improving. also not tilting which has been my biggest downfall last 2 months.

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