Monday, April 14, 2008

playing so baaaaaad

profit so far of $1k for the month, from a peak of $2.7k but what worries me is how bad i'm playing.

on target for 10k vpps half way through the month, and quite enjoy playing but i'm trying to force it too much and making basic basic mistakes which i really need to cut out.

luckily i find the occasional idiot to help me out a hole. today a guy ran up $100 to $1k on a $1/2 table before finally leaving with $300. i helped myself to most of it and don't understand why more people don't try to play hands against these people. hit anything and you get paid! his bet sizing was so easy to read though it didn't stop me paying him off twice when i know i should have folded. basic mistake.

think i may get a new comp and the 24" screen from the stars shop. or maybe i'll just but a screen and get a ps3 and wii instead.

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