Tuesday, March 25, 2008


even though i'm playing 4 tables at once i find myself checking whether i'm currently up or down for the session. i used to do this all the time playing 3 tables, and i've realised it's a bad thing to be doing since it affects my decisions.

i've caught myself doing this recently, as i've been trying to stop and just concentrate on making the right decisions.

and whilst there's been lots of ups and downs and obvious bad tilty decisions these last few weeks i've finally broken $2k for the month and hoping to hit $3k (short of the $5k min i had hoped for from this month)

also look likely to hit 10k vpps on stars and platinum status. should reach it at about 16k hands.

so basically i need to play more hands every month.

at the moment i sometimes find myself stopping concentrating after 1-2hours and i've been disciplined to stop. only rarely have i been able to play more than 4+hours a day. and i might start having to if i'm gonna make some inroads into the 500,000 vpps i want. and my current rate it'll take about 4 years!!

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