Wednesday, August 22, 2007


looks like might have to deposit again.

unreal hands today. down a little, up a little, then get outdrawn and coolered for pots totalling about $800. AT $0.5/$1!!! HOW CAN I LOSE SO MANY MASSIVE POTS AT THIS LEVEL.

KK vs QQ and 88. obviously 88 wins
222 vs 555 to the same guy. that was over $300

just now 666, my only other set for two days and i get turned by a straight draw. $250

the rest are all just standard 2 nuts into the nuts.

tilted off a little at the end so decided to stop. $240 --> $60

mights deposit another $100 to bring total deposits to $1k.

may have to open a littlewoods account to get rakeback for all this is not currently worth it without rakeback. i must have raked close to $2k the last 2 months on stars and that would be worth $600 on any other network.

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