Wednesday, July 04, 2007

winning session?

back to playing and enjoying it

had a gamble on party with my free money, put all my $69 on a $1/2 table, got up to $145 in about 10 mins with $150 my aim, before running trips into an underfull.

back on stars, turned my $23 from the start of the month into $220 playing at $0.25/$0.5 with one early session at $0.5/$1

plan is to play $0.25/0.5 till i get to $1k which i plan to hit by the end of the month.
also plan to hit 2k fpp to get a slansky book

then step up to $0.5/$1 and play that for a month with goal to reach $3k.

once i get there i'll move on to
$1/2 and see how it goes....

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