Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sing when you're winning

i have a case of can't be bothered to post while winning.
this, also will pass however.
having run terribly (and played terribly) since start of year, i deposited £200 into a crypto account on 21/03.
lost that and deposited another £200.
won the £20 tourney, and haven't looked back.
built up a nice amount, withdrew £1k, which was the total sum of deposits on this account (only opened in Jan) and now on £2.5k - which means over £3k in a month, virtually all at cash games.
been going up limits slowly, £1/2 seems easily beatable, and played two sessions and £2/5. also appears beatable.
infact, i played $5/10 and bought in for $200. lost that rebought another $200 and cashed out with $1.8k.
played £2/5 twice. once bought in for £300 and left with double that. other time bought for £200 thrice, and left with a £5 profit.
so all seems good. similar to last year when playing on party. get the same number of beats, but no tilt, and grind my way slowly upwards.
had 2 consecutive losing days at the start of the month, but didn't try to win it all back in one go. maybe i'm slowly learning something.
not so much time to play at the moment. next aim is to win a satellite to a big tourney (not the wsop). will let you know how that goes. (not that anyone reads this)

tried the mansion 100k for the third time and KJ called a reraise for 1/3 of stack preflop vs my AK, and obviously beat me. what i found funny was they said " i fold if you push preflop". HA. im blinds 75/150. i have over 6k, they have about 5k, why the heck would i push pre after they raise to 450? i want all their chips when i have them dominated.

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