Sunday, March 11, 2007


ye, so lost loads on wednesday, so decided to take a little break. and last night i did my best to match the loses.

couple of 2 outers, 3 outers and a 30% shot hitting on me (70% fav in for a >$400 pot) and i start to play a bit poorly too. won a little back after being well over $1k down.

play a little this morning, and tighten up. only 1 real hand of note where theres a utg raise to 4bb, reraise to 20bb and i push with aces. i know its obvious, but know the foe wont fold his kings.
my hand holds up thankfully, and i win a couple of hundred bucks this morning.

will play a bit later on, also got two freefolls this evenin. one result will be welcome.

also, i almost forgot how hot kirsten dunst is.

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