Thursday, January 04, 2007


play more when winning, play less when losing

no more targets

down £125, so stopped.

went out, came on later, two $1/2 table.
about level on one, after many ups and downs,

then get 33 in late pos, bb raises to $12, one ep limp/caller, so i call for value.

flop is 532, two clubs. nice i think. ep bets pot, gets called, so i raise it to 3* his bet, he moves in (AA/KK/QQ obviously) then the other guy calls. He was a bit of a nutter, made bad calls but not a bad player. still, i can't fold, first guy shows KK, next shows 22 and it's set over set for me(!) and no K or 2 and i win a $600 pot. nice

made some bad calls, earlier and later so left a little to late dropping about £50 in bad calls.

end up in profit for the day which was ok. bank up to about £530. looking to get over £1k by end of next week.

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