Tuesday, December 19, 2006

it's been a while

after blowing $4k in my party account i'd had enough so i started playing less for a few months. Went back to betfair, where my new rakeback account turned out to be a losing account.

sometimes i only like to count money withdrawn as winnings and i didnt withdraw for a long time.

so i opened an interpoker account, and i dont like them. turns out you can't withdraw to debit card (anything more than you put in) contrary to their website. they also charge $1 for a withdrawl. no-one else does that. but they have a $100 monthly bonus plus a slightly higher rakeback deal(32%) then any £crypto accounts. I might ask ukbetting to match the rate, if they say yes, bob's my uncle.

no longer play on party since all the yanks left it's DEAD.

opened a pokerstars account to get pokertracker. really should play a little more and get my $50 bonus too.

pokertracker is good except mine ain't working great atm and may need to reinstall.

Onto poker, well, with my inter account i was playing mostly $0.5/1 to try and build a roll.

then came the awf with 3 added tourney's daily, and 2 FTs in the first week, coming 1st and 3rd boosted my roll nicely.

have moved up to $1/2, and with some ups and downs have managed a bit of $2/5 and £1/2.
the nutters that play in £s are useless gamblers and it's very profitable.
i also find i concentrate more at higher limits.

finally managed a withdrawl and think im gonna buy a new car. i have decided to buy some stuff with some of my winnings. my first poker account paid for laptop, tv and chair. moving up in the world.

my aim now is to concentrate on cash and step things up. i only feel i need to play between 1-4 hours per day depending on mood and concentration levels and i believe i can make greater than $200 per day. This would be blinding and will have December and January free to try this out.

Will post every few days how its going.

from tomorrow.

the byes for now.

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